Story of Temev

Story Of Temev Foundation

Between   the years 1993-94 several projects were carried out on new and clean energies in the Physics Department of Hacettepe University. ‘The Everlasting  Energy Island’ project was one of them. As a matter of fact many contacts were undertaken related to this concept with national  and international organizations and also individuals. It was seen that there is a need a independent institution to carry out these studies. The former chairman of Turkish Scientific and Technical Research Council (TUBİTAK), Prof. Dr. Tosun Terzioğlu and Prof. Dr. Demir İnan came together and they decided to establish an institute or a foundation within the structure of TUBİTAK for sustainability of these studies. Because of independency character of a foundation, ‘Clean Energy Foundation (CEF)’ established with participation of 14 founder members and 4 institutional members on 26th  December 1994.

Idea behind Clean Energy Foundation establishment was indicated by founders

“ Ever since mankind began to use fire as a source of energy, the living standards of mankind on the earth had been improved compared to other living creatures who only benefit from the food as energy sources. Since then, mankind have been looking for new energy sources and used them for upgrading living standards. This led to ever increasing rate of energy use by mankind. Today, more people are living in communities and using energy more aggressively for more powerful and comfortable life. In this respect, we cannot give up use of energy which is an important place in our lives.

However, intensive use of non-renewable and polluting energy sources which adversely affect environment and exhausted energy resources, had led man to start thinking and creating new solutions on these issues, especially after the third quarter of twentieth century. Substitution of fossil fuels with clean and inexhaustible or renewable energy sources and also efficient use of energy have become the main issues to be addressed for the problems stemming from intensive energy use. The studies and searches for smart solutions to increasing energy demand has been initiated and gaining more more importance every day.

So that Clean Energy Foundation which is an organisation established by individuals and organisations who recognized the importance of supporting the studies on these issues,  aimed to follow up clean and renewable energy development in the world and timely transfer these developments to Turkey.