Organising a meeting called ‘Hydrogen and Turkey’

A meeting was held in Ege University, İzmir on August 7,l995 with the title ‘Hydrogen and Turkey’. The chairman of Clean Energy InstitudeProf.Dr.Veziroğlu had participated in the meeting as an invited speaker and made a speech titled ‘Hydrogen and it’s role on the development of Turkey’.

Organising a picture competition among students. (1995)

A competition organized with collaboration Ministry of Education among primary school students with the subject called “A World of Clean Energy” and around 1700 students participated in the competition. 12 prize winning students were awarded on June 1996 in a ceremony and around 50 pictures among the others were exhibited in TUBİTAK for 3 days.

Joining the campaign called ‘Utilization of Solar Energy’

A campaign called ‘Utilization of Solar Energy in South East of Turkey’ was organized in Diyarbakır between the days of May 30-June 1, 1996 with cooperation of Dicle University (DÜÇAM) and International Solar Energy Association-Turkish Section (UGET-TB). CEF took place actively in this campaign and published a booklet titled ‘Solar Energy’

Participation in the Habitat Meeting

CEF took place in the Habitat meeting held in İstanbul in June 1996 and organized a panel discussion called “3 E: Energy, Ecology, Economy, Possibilities of Using Sustainable Energies in the Future World”. Publicity of the foundation was also made in a stand opened at the meeting.

Participation in the “Clean Energy Days” meeting in Muğla

CEF participated actively in the ‘Clean Energy Days’ meeting organized by Mugla University on Oct.16-18,1996. Prof.Dr.Demirİnan made a speech called “Clean Energy Studies in Turkey” and publicized the foundation with several radio and TV programs.

Contribution to “Wind Energy Investment Management”

CEF contributed to the article published in the “Capital” magazine in 1996.

Preparation of a report on Wind Energy

A report on “Evaluation of Obtaining Electricity from Wind energy in Turkey and in The World; Suggestions” was prepared by CEF and submitted to Ministry of Energy and relevant organisations (1996 June).

Organization of “Solar Energy Applications Course”

Within the training activities of CEF a course was organized on the applications of solar energy with the support of DAĞSAN Inc. In general the course was open to everybody, however the aim was to inform the technicians and the solar collector sails agencies. More than 150 participants were present and a “participation document” was given to participants. 10 specialist speakers made presentations on solar energy applications. Course drew attention especially among industrial sector and university students. During the course, DAĞSAN Inc. Exhibited solar collectors made by DAĞSAN, and Hacettepe University exhibited the solar cookers made at the university.

Seminars of Prof.Twidell organized by CEF

Prof. John Twidell from De Monfort University/Scotland, who is also the President of the Amset Coop. that operates the biggest wind turbine (3MW) in Orkney Island was invited by CEF to give seminars, with collaboration of British Council, Prof.Twidell came to Turkey in 1998 March and gave a talk at EİE on 25 March on “Wind Energy and its future”. Prof.Twidell also gave a talk on “Wind Energy and its Applications” at İzmir High Technology Institute on 28 March to the students and lecturers.

Participation in the “Energy Films Festival”

CEF submitted a film to the 7th Energy Films Festival which was held at Loussane/Switzerland in 1998. 45 films were submitted to the festival and 24 of them were chosen to be displayed during the festival. CEF’s film was included in this category. Festival was held at the Palais de Beaulieu and CEF organized the participation of a delegate in the festival from the Turkish Consulate of Geneve.

Competition organization on “solar energy” at Harran to primary school students

In June 1999 a competition was organized by CEF among the primary school pupils of Harran province at Şanlıurfa City on solar energy. The competition was on poem writing, picture making and essay writing and the winners were rewarded by CEF.

Informative meetings organised in İstanbul (2000)

CEF member Prof.EnginTüre made presentations at several universities and schools in İstanbul to announce CEF’s objectives and to give information on clean energies and environment. CEF posters were displayed during the conferences. The conferences made are as follows: 20 April 2000 Bilgi University, 2 May 2000 Cent College, 11 May 2000 Marmara University Communication Faculty, 11 May 2000 Galatasaray University Science and Literature Faculty, 17 May 2000 Boğaziçi University, 26 May 2000 Işık University, 2 June 2000 Yeditepe University.

Organisation of “III. National Clean Energy Symposium”

Istanbul Technical University and CEF organised the III. National Clean Energy Symposium in Istanbul on 15-17 November 2000. Opening session of the symposium was in LütfüKırdar Congress And Exhibition Palace. Minister of Energy was invited to the activity by CEF and he participated and spoke in the opening session. Technical sessions of the symposium were held at the Istanbul Technical University Social Institution and 96 papers were submitted to the symposium from 21 cities of Turkey. This figures showed that the activity was a real national activity. Attendants to the symposium were about 250. Symposium proceedings were published in two volumes. The activity drew also attraction from the media. In the opening day an exhibition was organised and several renewable energy companies participated in this exhibition.

“Preparation of Renewable Energy Education Package for Students and Teachers” project. (UNESCO supported)

CEF had submitted two projects to UNESCO (Paris) by the collaboration of Turkish National Committee of UNESCO and one project was approved to be supported. “Preparation of Renewable Energy Education Package for Students and Teachers” project began in August 2000 and ended in November 2001. CEF had prepared 11 books by authorised specialists and published them in colour with high quality paper, and presented them in a cardboard case. To publish the books, TUBİTAK and ttgv gave support. The name and the authors of the books are as follows:
“Energy Usage, From past to Present”, Prof.Dr.DemirInan
“Our Sun”, Prof.Dr.Demirİnan
“Solar-Thermal Applications”, Prof.Dr.Demirİnan
“Solar-Electricity Conversion, Photovoltaic Solar Cells and Power Systems”, Prof.Dr.ŞenerOktik
“Wind Energy”, SelçukKaradereli
“Geothermal Energy, Use of Earth’s Interior Energy”, Prof.Dr.ŞakirŞimşek
“Biomass Energy”, SemraTüre
“Biogas, Energy from Wastes”, GökhanDemirci
“Hydrogen Energy”, Prof.Dr.EnginTüre
“Solar Architecture”, Assoc. Prof.DemetIrklıEryıldız, Assoc. Prof.NurDemirbilek
“Energy Conservation and Efficient Usage of Energy”, Assoc. Prof.AynurEray
The books have ISBN numbers. The books are approved to be used as a supporting source for schools by Ministry of Education. One set of books were sent to all the university libraries in Turkey free of charge. This package is unique in Turkey as a Turkish resource and helped to inform people on renewable energies. The books were prepared not in an advance level, but instead easy reading was preferred. The included illustrations and pictures also help to visualise the applications. The references given at the end of the books were intended for further advance readings. CEF had submitted this project to the “Energy Globe Awards 2002” international award organisation and it took place in the CD-ROM of this event.

CEF activities in the Ankara schools (2001)

CEF’s educational activities continued in 2001. Demirİnan visited the “TED Ankara College” on 22 and 26 March 2001, “National Education Foundation Ankara Science College” on 29 March and gave talks to students and teachers. CEF posters were also exhibited during the visits.

An article published about CEF in REFOCUS Journal

An article published in March 2001 issue of ISES’s official journal REFOCUS about CEF. In the article, the activities of CEF were summarised and some pictures were also included. This was the first time that an NGO working on renewable energies were promoted in an international journal. After the publishing CEF received e-mails from different countries.

CEF posters are donated to Experimental Science Centre (Istanbul)

“Experimental Science Centre” is the only experimental science museum in Istanbul and applied to CEF to send CEF’s posters to them. CEF had sent a set of posters (50x70cm, coloured, 12 posters) as a donation. Posters were put in the museum and a renewable energies corner at the museum was opened for the first time.

Participation in “World Day 2000” activities in Çorum

World Day is celebrated every year on 22 April. In 2001, Çorum governorship organised an activity on this occasion. The activities were carried on 22-25 April and several competitions took place during the activities. A symposium was organised with the participation of several NGO representatives and at the end of the symposium a press release was prepared and announced In this announcement three main topics were considered: 1. Individual and environment, 2. Environment and law, 3. Environmental problems and solutions. A cartoon competition was organised with the topic “Clean Energy” and CEF gave presents to the winners. Besides CEF special award was given and the cartoons were also exhibited. A bicycle city tour competition was organised and CEF gave presents to the winners. The system designed and constructed by CEF for a bus-stop illumination by solar energy opened by ceremony. In the public square of Çorum city centre an exhibition was organised and solar collectors and solar cookers were exhibited.

Participation in “World Day 2001” in İstanbul Technical University

Istanbul Technical University Environment Club organised activities on the occasion of World Day on 19 and 24 April 2001. In the first event Prof.EnginTüre from CEF gave a talk. In the second event a panel discussion took place.o.

Participation in “Design by Sun” activity in Eskişehir

The activity was made in Eskişehir and organised by Anadolu University Eng.&Architecture Faculty Architecture Dept. on 19-20 April 2001. CEF and Ege University Solar Energy Institute supported the activity. First day activity was at Yunusemre Campus of the university and was devoted to relevant presentations. CEF members made speeches and chaired the sessions. On the afternoon a panel discussion took place. In the second day, a workshop was made. The topic of the workshop was “Low Energy Buildings” and several student groups attended this workshop and made designs under the supervision of lecturers. CEF members participated in this activity as supervisors and CEF gave awards to the best design.

Participation in RIO+10 meeting

The final evaluation meeting of the report about Turkey which will be submitted to the RIO+10 Evaluation Meeting in South Africa in September was made under the Environment Ministry at Dedeman Hotel/Ankara on 16 July 2002. CEF participated in this report preparation works in three different working group. CEF participated in and submitted its opinions to report preparation organization during this meeting.

Organization of “IV. National Clean Energy Symposium, UTES’2002”

UTES’2002 was held in Istanbul on 16-18 October 2002. UTES’2002 was organized by CEF, Istanbul Technical Faculty and Water Foundation. The topics covered in UTES’2002 are the following:
Wind Energy
Solar Energy
Biomass Energy
Hydrogen Energy
Geothermal Energy
Hydro-electricity Energy
Energy-Environment Relation
This activity shows its national identity by covering and displaying the studies all over Turkey. UTES symposiums are becoming traditional year after year.

Participation in “9. Energy Films Festival” by a film

9th Energy Films Festival was held in Lousane/Switzerland on 3-4 April 2003. During the festival energy films were shown and conferences on energy took place. CEF participated in the festival with a film in the animation category titled “Excavation”. CEF’s film passed the elimination and chosen to be shown on the big screen. CEF’s film was the only film participated from Turkey.

Compiling publications and authors on renewable energies

CEF started to establish a data base on renewable energy publications for the first time in Turkey in 1996. The information compiled in this data base was updated in every two years. Up to now about 5.000 publications and 760 authors have been compiled. A personal computer is devoted in CEF for this purpose and the information can be obtained from this computer

Compiling the addresses of companies working in the renewable energy fields

CEF started to establish a data bank in 1998 to compile the addresses of the commercial companies working in renewable energies. This data bank have been the only one in its field and up to now 750 companies’ addresses and their working areas have been compiled from Turkey and all over the world.

Establishment of a library

CEF has established a library. The materials (books, journals etc.) in this library is open to anybody who wishes to benefit from them. The material in the library is registered in a data base and thus can be reached easily. No loaning facility is available.

Establishment of a video film library

CEF has established a video-film archive on the relevant fields of CEF’s objectives and about 40 video films were collected. These films are used in different activities.

Dia-film archive

In the fields of CEF’s objectives, an archive of about 300 dia (slide) has been established. These material is used especially in the educational activities of CEF.

Support to renewable energy publications

CEF had given support to original works to be published according its relevant directive. The directive of publication support can be found at the web site of CEF.

Ministry of Education published CEF’s Renewable Energy Package

The renewable Energy package prepared and published by CEF (as mentioned above) drew attention of Ministry of Education and they offered CEF to publish it within their collection and distribute them to schools. Executive Committee of CEF approved this offer and Ministry of Education published this package by collecting all books in a book and giving the title “Energy”, distributed it to all its schools.

Organisation of Sailing Competition

Establishing relation with Turkish Sailing Federation, a sailing competition was organised in Istanbul, Kalamış Bay on 11 November 2000 with the optimist class sailing boards. CEF gave awards to the winners and also to the referees. Award giving ceremony was held at the opening session of III National Clean Energy Symposium.